SACE Criteria

USAID/SACE, as part of its project to increase transparency, accountability and good governance, aims to support young script-writers to focus on scripts and short movies that influence the wider citizens to engage and demand for good governance and encourages duty bearers to implement this. This is in recognition of the significant role of the Nigerian movie industry in influencing and shaping discourse in the country.

This year Homevida and the USAID/SACE Project are partnering to see how social change can be positively influenced by encouraging young script writers to create inspiring stories of change agents or actions that can contribute towards the awareness and promotion of transparency, accountability and good governance in Nigeria. Creative approaches to stir up an interest in the audience to enquire and participate in what goes on in their polity and society at all levels are an important entry point to change the narrative on how policies and governance affects the citizens daily life.

We are therefore writing to request scripts from young script writers to develop short stories that creatively demonstrate one or a combination of the following;


  • Focuses on a specific policy and governance challenge in fighting corruption, transparency and accountability and accountability (TAGG) in Nigeria and adequately depicts associated issues associated with the problem or challenge.
  • Scripts should creatively demonstrate the impact of corruption and the lack of transparency and accountability in the society, the consequences of citizens not participating in governance and its impact on infrastructural decay and lack of human development.
  • Scripts should portray innovative solutions that improve transparency and accountability, prevent/reduce corruption and impunity, inspire and create a sense of responsibility, emphasize the importance of leadership, enhance citizen action and participation, highlight the need for social inclusion (women, youth and persons with disability), and engender a sense of patriotism.


Scripts will be evaluated against the following criteria

-         Demonstration of a clear TAGG issue/challenge/problem associated to corruption in Nigeria

-         Demonstration of a clear understanding of the causes, effects and impact of the issue

-         Demonstration of an inspiring, but realistic and believable course of action that engages the issue positively

-         Ability of the script to engage/inspire wider citizen action

-         Scripts that depict some or all of the sub-criteria set out in 3 above will receive higher marks.