We propose that your organization uses the HOMEVIDA platform to endow awards for the best movie content that professionally portrays the ideals for which you have been set up as well as models strategic issues and challenges relating to your core mission.

The issues of public virtue and integrity have become challenges in Nigeria that require action not only from the relevant agencies but also from ordinary citizens. We can use the movie platform activate the critical mass citizen support needed.

The prizes can be named after your organization or the ideal of choice. A series of Nigerian Home Videos competing to win prizes based on preset criteria will provide the best possible visibility for your mandate, values of your choice and your entire image in Nigeria and indeed in Africa.

Best Performing Individual Prize Endowment
In order to motivate budding film makers in the industry as well as motivate strategic messaging in new productions, HOMEVIDA is also seeking organizations or individuals to endow “The best feature film by a new entrant into the movie industry” prize.

The endowment value and categories for endowment will have specific tags which will be agreed upon finalization of all endowment negotiations.

 Endowing Agencies and Their Prizes on the HomeVida Platform

  • The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) endowing the “Anti-Corruption Film Prize.
  • Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) endowing the "Due Process Film Prize"
  • The Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) endowing the “Public Conduct Film Prize.
  • The National Film & Video Census Board (NFVCB) endowing the Family Friendly Film Prize.

Faith Film Prize- Service to your community is service to God

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) educating investors on the operations of Wonder Banks.