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Each year the Homevida offers a great opportunity for young filmmakers to learn and network/engage with their peers and collaborate on projects. Homevida achieves this by organizing a Masterclass workshop and sponsors the production of short films that highlight key social issues through donor funding.  

To this end, Homevida would be organizing a 3-day virtual Masterclass and Scriptwriting Workshop to train young filmmakers (scriptwriters, producers, actors, directors, editors, videographers, etc) on film production through contemporary and innovative forms of filmmaking, using emerging digital technologies to produce shorts films, feature films and, skits as well as documentaries which will heighten public awareness of current societal issues. 

This year our select theme is Accountability For Change 

What do we want to see in your film when shortlisted as the final 2?

  • How can citizens hold the government accountable using different reforms and laws present in Nigeria?  
  • How citizens participation in government can improve public services such as Healthcare and education.
  • Freedom of expression 
  • How grassroots engagement can result in improved service delivery at the local level.  
  • The importance of citizens uniting to achieve social reforms.
  • Citizen engagement in governance in a way that improves service delivery.

The film must have at least two or more of the above. 

 Technical Criteria

  1. All applicants must have a little background knowledge of film production.
  2. All submissions should also include applicants’ profile details as well as social page(s), weblink(s) where our screening team can preview their previous work. 
  3. Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years of age 
  4. The theme and message of the film should be clear-cut. Proper presentation of the message should be thoroughly assimilated by the audience for which it is intended whilst being entertained.

How to Participate

All applicants should submit a 2-minute video telling us 

  • Why film is a major tool for positive change
  • Why you should be chosen for the 2021 Homevida Masterclass
  • Why you should be selected by the Jury Members.
  • What previous work(s) you have done

The video must not be more than 2 minutes. Make sure you upload on YouTube or any video sharing platform (Google Drive, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc) then paste the link on the application form

Criteria for Jury Selection

  1. Jury members will screen all the entries and shortlist 100 participants that will attend the 2021 Masterclass based on their skill set.
  2. After the masterclass, the participants will be required to pitch to the Jury members based on the lessons.
  3. After the Masterclass, the Jury members will shortlist 20 participants. The selected will be divided into 2 groups based on their skill set. Each group will work with the Jury members to Produce HomeVida 2021 Short Films.
  4. Participants will be required to showcase innovative/digital tools techniques used for film production remotely.
  5. Any physical meeting must follow NCDC Covid-19 regulations.
  6. Each group will be responsible for promoting their short film to gain traction and engagement.
  7. After production, each team will promote their short film and the film with the highest number of views will win One Million Naira.

All participants MUST be following Homevida on Instagram @Homevidaawards

Good luck!

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