According to Brittany Dobish, artistic director of the Nightlight Cinema,

Film is the art form to create social change

Films have the potential to spur viewers to positive change and also change their perspectives about various societal issues. To stimulate change, people need to ‘see’ your message, to inspire change, people need to ‘feel’ your story

To this end, Homevida would be organizing a 5-day virtual Masterclass to train young filmmakers on film production using contemporary and innovative forms of film making, using emerging digital technologies to produce shorts films, features, skits as well as documentaries which will heighten public awareness of current societal issues ranging from Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Gender Equality, Police Brutality, Corruption, Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic/Lockdown, amongst others and how they can be ameliorated. 

The successful candidates/applicants during the masterclass will be exposed to various techniques for accessing funds for production as well as building a fanbase for their films. 


Driving Social Change Using Film

Technical Criteria

  1.   All applicants must have background knowledge of film production.

  2.   All submissions should also include applicants’ profile details as well as a portfolio either shared on the social page(s) or web link(s) where our screening team can preview your previous work. 

 3.   Applicants must be between 15 and 35 years of age

  4.   The theme and message of the final produced film should be on any or some of the promoted sub-themes. Must be entertaining and informative too.  

Criteria for Masterclass Participation

  1.    All applicants should submit a one-minute video and/or essay, detailing their work and interest in the film space, and why they should be selected by the Jury Members.

 2.   Jury members will screen all the entries and shortlist 100 participants that will attend the 2020 Masterclass based on your skillset. Participation will be adjudged by the story treatment submitted at the end of the masterclasses and participation during the masterclasses.

  3.   At the end of the masterclasses, participants will be grouped. Each group will be required to pitch their proposed story treatment to the jury members based on the lessons.

  4.   The jury will shortlist 20 participants. The selected will be divided into 2 groups based on their skills. Each group will work with the Jury members to Produce 2 HomeVida 2020 short films. 

  5.   Participants will be required to showcase innovative/digital tools and techniques used for film production remotely.

  6.   Any physical meeting must follow NCDC Covid-19 regulations.

  7.   Each group will be responsible for promoting their short film to gain traction and engagements.

  8.   After production, each team will promote its short film and the film with the highest number of views will win One Million Naira.

Benefits for the Finalist: 

  1. Training by experienced Industry practitioners.
  2. Film making experience.
  3. Film credit in the produced films.
  4. Salary (all crew members will be paid a token).
  5. Share from the One Million Naira (N1,000,000.00) winning prize.
  6. Promotional value as Homevida will promote the behind the scene (bts) of the films.
  7. Joins the Homevida Alumni.
  8. Leverages on the Homevida network/platform.
  9. Periodic engagement on Homevida annual Programmes.

 Good Luck!