Note:* Please read nomination guidelines below.

To nominate a film:
Click Here     to Complete the online application form

  • With a synopsis of your nominated film in no more than 300 words
  • Send biographies of key production personnel (if known)


The winning film must be:
(1) A film that models individual citizens involvement in promoting the virtues of honesty, transparency, integrity and accountability as an expression of the Christian faith OR
(2) A film depicting individual’s sense of duty to society and one another as a way of serving God
(3) The story must be believable, realistic, dramatic and entertaining.

To be eligible all films must:
(1) Have been produced in Nigeria
(2) Be a drama film
(3) Be between 60mins and 120mins
(4) Technically be of broadcast standards with clear sound and vision
(5) Be realistic, dramatic and entertaining
(6) Produce documentation to show clearance of music rights, script and talent
(7) Show evidence of registration with NFVCB (if the film has been released)
(8) Be made by filmmakers who are 18 years and above
(9) Have its Producer, Director and Screenwriter registered with the relevant industry guild or association.
(10) Meet individual criteria for the prize being applied for.