Article 1: Preamble

The Home Video Integrity Film Awards (HOMEVIDA), a collaboration of the public and private sector and citizens’ organizations, uses the media, in particular film medium, to;

  • Promote core national values and positive socio-cultural norms,
  • Develop intolerance for negative socio-cultural norms,
  • Increase citizens’ engagement in governance, especially in the fight against   corruption, and
  • Promote integrity, advance national unity and a shared vision for addressing Nigeria’s developmental challenges.
  • For that purpose, HOMEVIDA will provide a stimulus for creative productions by annually presenting a bouquet of competitive film awards in the film industry.

Article 2: Submission Criteria for the Short Film Script Competition

  • Only online submissions via the HOMEVIDA website (http://www.homevida.org) will be accepted;
  • Only Nigerians between the ages of 16 – 30 years can participate;
  • The script must be the original work of the author;
  • The script must be typed using standard writing programmes and formats;
  • If the script is not submitted by the author himself or herself, the person submitting must attest to authority to submit the script on behalf of the author;
  • The script must contain on its cover page the following information: Title, author, contacts details of author (telephone, e-mail address, mailing address), date of birth;
  • The script must further contain on its second page a short synopsis (max. 500 words);
  • Only submissions within the established deadline will be considered;
  • .It must be possible to produce the script into a film not exceeding 15 minutes;
  • The script must have well defined characters and plot;
  • The story line must be creative
  • The story must be in line with the objectives of the HOMEVIDA award as defined in article 1;
  • The story must promote the value(s) for which the endowment(s) exist in the current year;

Article 3: Submission Criteria for the Film Competition

  • Only online nominations via the HOMEVIDA website (http://www.homevida.org) will be accepted;
  • Only nominations within the established deadline will be considered;
  • The film nominated for the competition must have been produced during the last 5 years;
  • The film must be in line with the objectives of the HOMEVIDA award as defined in article 1;
  • The film must promote the value(s) for which the endowment(s) exist in the current year;
  • The film must have substantial social and cultural relevance to Nigeria and Nigerians;
  • The film can be in English or any of the Nigerian languages with subtitles in English;
  • The film must be between 60 minutes and 120 minutes;
  • The film must technically be of broadcast standards with clear sound and vision;
  • Only films censored by the National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB) can be considered;
  • Only films that have been produced, directed and/or written by persons registered with the relevant Nigerian industry guilds can be considered.

Article 4: Selection Criteria for Scripts and Films

  • The submission must meet the highest educational, dramatic as well as core production quality standards;
  • The submission must be in line with the objectives of the HOMEVIDA award as defined in article 1;
  • The submission must promote the value(s) for which the endowment(s) exist in the current year;
  • The submission should promote citizens participation
  • The submission must be entertaining and truly creative

Article 5: The Juries

  • There will be two juries, one for the selection of the winners of the script competitions and one for the selection of the winners of the film competitions;
  • The juries may be composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine members, and may include persons from HOMEVIDA/PPDC, NFVCB, Thematic experts relevant to the specific endowment, film Industry guilds, the National Film Institute, a member of the international community, and a representative of the Ministry of Information.
  • HOMEVIDA shall ensure that the composition of the jury takes account of gender balance;
  • The juries are established annually;
  • Each jury shall have a chairperson selected by its members;
  • Each jury will be supported by a secretary tasked to document the decisions and respective justifications of the jury;
  • Members of the jury are to perform their responsibilities conscientiously, independently, fairly and impartially;
  • The proceedings of the jury and sub panels shall remain confidential;
  • The jury members shall be provided with checklists reflecting the selection criteria and use the same when evaluating the submissions. The check list will be used to determine the winners of the script award and to identify the three finalists in each category of the Film Awards;
  • During the selection process, the jury shall determine appropriate award categories for the nominated films in the event of films with cross – cutting issues;
  • The jury in it considerations shall apply the criteria as established in Article 4 and decide by majority vote.

Article 6: Conflicting Personal Interest

  • Any member of the jury who has taken part in the production or exploitation of a movie/script may not participate in the proceeding of the jury;
  • If a jury member has another personal interest in the film/script under consideration, the jury member is bound to disclose to the Jury his or her direct personal interest in the submission, upon which the jury decides on whether he or she shall be excused;
  • A conflicting personal interest exists where the personal interest of the jury member could improperly influence the performance of their official duties and responsibility as a member of the jury or perceived by an objective observer as improperly influencing.

Article 7: General Provisions

  • HOMEVIDA puts out separate calls for submissions and establishes a deadlines for both the short script competition and nominations for the film awards for all the categories and publicizes such calls for submission and deadlines on its website;
  • Stages of the HOMEVIDA awards will comprise

 a. Initial eligibility shortlists for both the short script and feature film awards based on Article 2 and 3;

 b.Review of the shortlisted short script submissions by the juries;

 c. Selection 0f winners of each category for script competition;

 d. Announcement and contacting of winners of the short script competition;

 e. Production of winning scripts;

 f.Selection of final shortlists of 3 films each per category for the Feature Film Awards not later than two weeks to the award date.

 g.The winning film from each category will be selected by the jury from the final shortlists as close to the date of award as possible;

 h.Announcement of the award winning films in each category at the Award Ceremony in December;

i.The winners of the script competition will be notified and invited to the award ceremony;

 j.The three finalists in each category for the Film Awards will be notified and invited for the Award Ceremony.

Article 8: Prize Categories

I.The annual theme would be announced by HOMEVIDA with the opening of the competition;

II.Any public or private sector institute can endow a prize provided it subscribes to the values of HOMEVIDA as stated in Article 1.

III.Political parties and organizations cannot endow a prize;

IV.Winning scripts from the script competition will be turned into short films by the HOMEVIDA production teams using mini production grants - these films would be entered into the HOMEVIDA short film category.

V.Winning films are entitled to the predetermined value of its prize category


VI The jury can make suggestions for future endowments and the annual theme.

Article 9: Recourse

I. Though the decision of the panel is final, HOMEVIDA reserves the authority to withdraw an Award given in the event of a grave situation such as

a. Plagiarism
b. Or any other factor that seriously undermines the integrity of the script/film or the Award.

Article 10: Copyright



I. PPDC/HOMEVIDA owns the rights of the short films produced from the winning scripts from the Short film script competition

Article 11: Amendment of TOR
1. HOMEVIDA reserves the right to review and amend these TOR provided always that amended copies shall within seven days of amendment be published at the HOMEVIDA site www.homevida.org.