USAID/SACE Short Script Criteria - Transparency, Accountability and Good governance (TAGG)


USAID Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement is desirous of creating a greater public awareness of issues of Transparency, Accountability and Good governance (TAGG) within the wider Nigerian Film Industry. To this end, and in partnership with PPDC/Homevida, USAID/SACE is pursuing a pronged strategy.


Script writers are encouraged to develop short stories that creatively demonstrate one or a combination of the following;


  • Focuses on the policy and governance challenge of education in Nigeria and adequately depicts associated issues of Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance (TAGG).


  • Scripts should be able to identify and explore clear TAGG issues/challenges/problem that negatively impact education in Nigeria (for example, but not limited to, corruption, impunity, exclusion, closed systems, financial misappropriation etc.) – identifying their causes, effects and impact as well as provide a positive realistic and inspiring story of the successful engaging the issue/challenge/problem by an individual or group in a way that tackles the challenge constructively and has the potential to inspire others in the public to identify with and take action on the issue.


  • Scripts  that portrays innovative solutions that improve TAGG, prevent/reduce corruption and impunity, inspire and create a sense of responsibility, emphasize the importance of leadership, enhance citizen action and participation, highlight the need for social inclusion (women, youth and persons with disability), and engender a sense of patriotism.


Scripts will be evaluated against the following criteria


-       Demonstration of a clear TAGG issue/challenge/problem associated to education in Nigeria

-       Demonstration of a clear understanding of the causes, effects and impact of the issue

-       Demonstration of an inspiring, but realistic and believable cause of action that engages the issue positively

-       Ability of the script to engage/inspire wider citizen action

-       Scripts that depict some or all of the sub-criteria set out in 3 above will receive higher marks


The winning script will be awarded a prize of N100,000.00 and be produced into a short film.


Up to 15 Runner ups will be invited to attend a Scriptwriters workshop that will aim to enhance their script-writing skills.


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