Our company’s products and services can enter every home where our films have gone through Homevida first

The medium of movies is an exceptionally powerful one and fast becoming an excellent means of communication. National influences drawn from cultures, social customs and political ideologies are transmitted and received more passionately through this medium. The movie sector in Nigeria named Nollywood is rated the fastest growing sector of the economy. Indeed, it ranks second in the world in film/video production compared to India’s Bollywood and the United States’ Hollywood according to UNESCO. Nollywood also commands a strong transnational influence, with very strong local bases in Lagos, Benin, Enugu and Kano.

With about 200 million habitual viewing audiences across the African continent and the Diaspora2, Nollywood has created the largest platform of social-cultural interaction ever to come out of Africa. The possibility that this holds for Nigeria is even more strategic than oil. This is because the content of a movie goes straight to the minds of its viewers, and holds its audiences captive to the point of influencing their beliefs, conducts and world views. Nothing can be more strategic for a country that yearns for the attention and respect of the world community and need its people to believe in her future.


Integrity values are the foundation for nation building. These values are needed in constructing active citizens’ engagement that holds government accountable. It is key in building veritable leadership that provides governance that is people focused. The average Nigerian still sees the eradication of corruption and solution to other developmental issues solely as the governments responsibility. International experience  shows that private sector, civil society and citizens’ organizations engagement in integrity development, building a culture of intolerance for corruption and other negative socio cultural norms, whether within the  urban and or rural community is critical to nation building and thus essential for development.


The boom in the Nigerian Film industry came with its attendant challenges. Increasingly, more films are being produced and marketed below creative, technical and marketing standards, as time passes fewer of the many films produced achieve that enduring status of icons. There are few deliberate attempts to attract new and young talents into the industry.

Homevida has helped to steadily change this situation by inspiring new creative productions like Ije, Inale, Tango with me, 90 ninth day, etc.

Films provide an enduring platform for business and product promotion in a measure that is not rivaled by any other platform.