About the Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC)

Is an initiative of the Public and Private Development Centre Ltd by Guarantee (PPDC), a Nigerian citizenship sector organization that seeks to assist and empower ordinary people capture the public space, and participate in governance and development in a way that prevents corruption (please visit www.procurement, . HOMEVIDA is currently implemented in collaboration with the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) – and guilds in the Nigerian Film Industry: Association of movie producers (AMP), Scriptwriters Guild of Nigeria (SWGN), Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) – , and Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). It is managed by


The HOMEVIDA Technical Board

HOMEVIDA Technical Board currently comprises of representatives from PPDC, NFVCB, and the Industry Guilds. The technical Board gives strategy and advice to the project.


HOMEVIDA Implementation Team

HOMEVIDA Implementation Team is vested with the core implementation of the project and comprises the HOMEVIDA Coordinator, the Executive Director, the Creative Director, the Administrator, Industry Consultant, Accountant and Ad-Hoc staff (marketing agents etc).